How to reduce redness of skin with acne

« ...I have personally taken tetracyclines in the past, and have stopped taking it because of the many serious side effects that it carries. Tetracyclines were also costing me a huge fortune, which was one of the reasons that I have stopped visiting the dermatologist.This drug requires you to continue taking it even if your acne is completely gone. And for this reason, you are inevitably going to experience some side effects....
...You simply put some lemon juice on a cotton ball and wipe the excess oil off your face. This helps to shrink the pores as well as to clean up the skin....»

«...Mild acne is a simple condition of the skin, minor as seen by the name. As for severe and moderate acne, it can not be cured over night. It takes usually three weeks to three months to see some form of improvement. I have theories that for moderate and severe acne food does have an affect but for mild forms of acne it does not. If you use these steps you will notice mild acne will be gone within one to three days in a majority of cases....»
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